Book the Safest Hotel Rooms When Traveling

It’s probably not a good idea to read hotel horror stories before you set off on your much-anticipated vacation or important business trip. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t learn from others’ experiences and from travel experts when it comes to booking the safest and quietest rooms possible.

You might have already thought about avoiding rooms next to the elevator, ice and vending machines, fitness facility, and pool if you want a quiet night’s rest, but there are other considerations you should make before picking a hotel and booking a room.

When booking your hotel and room

These are the questions you should ask the requests you should make when booking a hotel room, whether you’re traveling internationally or around the U.S.

Traveling for business

Business travelers might have some additional concerns and requests when it comes to the ideal hotel room.

When you arrive

You’ve picked the safest and best hotel for your stay, here’s what to do when you check in.

During your stay

Finally, here are two steps to ensure your room stays secure during your stay.

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